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10 things about industrial flooring you may not have known
When it comes to industrial flooring, different businesses or industries have needs that should suit their domain. For instance, in restaurants, breweries, pharmacies, commercial kitchens and hospitals there is a huge need to keep everything to a high level of sanitation, but at the same time it needs to be durable, easy to maintain and clean, as well as cost-effective. At PSF Services we believe that the best would be to choose epoxy resin flooring. Commonly used as commercial flooring solutions, this industrial flooring is used for its resilience not only through the stress it’s put under but to bacteria and moisture. This beautiful and cost-effective industrial flooring is the wise choice for your business, and we have gathered 10 facts you may not have known about epoxy resin flooring and its benefits:

1. Epoxy resin flooring ca be installed on any surface
Simpler and more effective than any other flooring type, epoxy resin flooring can be installed on nearly all types of surfaces. Whether it’s steel, concrete or any other surface, epoxy flooring the best choice for anything.

2. Epoxy resin flooring can withstand heavy traffic
Epoxy resin flooring is a heavy-duty floor, which can withstand any activity from heavy traffic to machinery. This industrial flooring is perfect for any establishment and any activity undertaken in workspaces such as garages, factories, warehouses and airplane hangars.

3. Choice of any colours
If you think your business establishment needs something different, lively and that would make people feel at ease in it, then epoxy resin flooring could be the right way to go. This commercial flooring can be tinted in almost any colour you wish, while also creating a seamless finish, with a modern aesthetic and a glossy finish.

4. Epoxy flooring is almost impermeable
The molecules of epoxy resins are cross-linked, which makes epoxy flooring almost completely impermeable. Therefore, this resin flooring can resist not only air and water intrusion, but it will be protective against any bacteria, and it won’t get damaged by corrosive materials.

5. Highly resistant against chemical attacks
Because of its chemical composition, epoxy flooring is also resistant to chemical attacks. This quality makes it the perfect flooring for factories and manufacturing facilities where chemical products could be spilled accidentally.

6. An effective fire retardant
Some types of epoxy coatings can contain pigments that allow them to act as an effective fire retardant. If fire or high temperatures are a concern for you, make sure to consult your flooring contractors and choose the epoxy flooring with fire retardant properties.

7. Epoxy resins can be combined with other materials
An interesting, unknown fact about epoxy resins is that it can be combined with different other materials to increase their performance. For example, silica sand can be added to the epoxy coating to create a beautiful textured floor that improves efficiency in many facilities, especially those where it’s imperative for the floors not to be slippery.

8. Resin flooring installations takes no more than 3 days
If you are worried that the installation of an epoxy flooring might disturb your work schedule, there is no need to be. Most resin flooring installations can be performed in two to three days, or even be done over the weekend.

9. Easy to maintain
A smooth and shiny epoxy flooring is incredibly easy to clean and to maintain. The floor will never look dirty or damaged, and the time necessary to maintain it will be minimal.

10. Choosing epoxy resin flooring is a smart investment
Although it may seem like a large investment at first, as resin floor specialists we can assure you that epoxy resin flooring is the smart choice. Overall, epoxy embodies all the qualities an industrial flooring requires: easy to maintain and highly durable, epoxy flooring can withstand chemicals, fire, cracks, chips and harmful bacteria, while still maintaining a sense of style, beauty and shine for many years to come.

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