FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the many different FAQs we get asked by our customers. Please take time to read through these FAQs, if there are questions that you would like answered then please get in touch with us as we are on hand to discuss your needs in greater detail and will respond to each and everyone one of them.


Answer: Every Flooring system we install is uniquely priced to give you the very best quality at the most affordable price. We only want to provide you with the very best solution for your business needs, we are not here to over price you. We are here to provide the very best value flooring systems that are laid using the very best Resin products manufactured here in the UK. You can head over to our Blog Page Pricing Structure where we have a detailed post explaining our pricing structures and how we aim to save you money, when you compare our quote you’ll see why businesses are choosing us over our competition. Alternatively you can visit our Resin Flooring Costs Per M2 page where this is also explained.

Answer: We have over 20 years experience in the Resin Flooring Industry and have completed thousands of projects for many different companies throughout the UK. We have acquired a very good reputation throughout our years within the industry and are held in high regard as “highly trusted” by many of the big companies who call on us to get the job done right first time. We have Contracts with several large companies and we are contacted daily to lay floors across the UK, simply because we are experts at what we do. If you have a project that you need pricing no matter how big or small that project may be, get in touch with us first to get our quotation, then just simply compare it to our competitions, we are confident that we can beat any like for like quotation.

Answer: Yes we do serve the whole of the UK, but we also serve the whole of Ireland and the European Union.

Answer: We prefer to visit the site prior to giving quotations, this is the standard across the industry. Quotations can however be given once a very detailed specification has been forwarded to us by your on site project manager, hense why we can at times give full quotations over the phone or in an email in these special circumstances. If you need a quotation just click on the contact us page and send us an email, altenatively you can click the call us button where our sales team will be on hand to handle your requests.

Answer: Customer retention is very important to us. We don’t want you to be a one off customer, we want to establish a a good strong principled business to business relationship with you built on trust. It is part of our key policy when dealing with customers to ensure that if any problem ever presents itself that we will be on hand to respond to them within 24 hours of contact. Our after care service is second to none, we are always on hand to handle your requirements long into the future. If you would like to discuss any key areas of our policies then please do get in touch with us, alternatively you can download our Company Overview where we detail some of this information in a handy PDF document.

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