Decorating Home Spaces With Resin Floor

When decorating home spaces and choosing flooring, most homeowners do not consider or even know about resin flooring or it’s many benefits. For those that are aware of epoxy resin, what is usually considered a commercial floor covering may seem unsuitable for the home. At PSF Services we are firm believers that epoxy resin flooring is perfectly suited to private residential homes and to rooms of all shapes and sizes, with a range of versatile finishes to suit everyone’s needs.

Comfortable under foot, one of the many benefits of resin flooring is that it provides a glossy finish without the harsh coldness of tiles, making it the perfect solution to a modern bathroom or kitchen flooring.

Creating a seamless finish, epoxy resin flooring also provides a modern aesthetic that exceeds that of its tile counterpart, for smooth transitions between living spaces that are easy to clean and maintain.

One of the main concerns we see with clients who come to us for our flooring services is how ‘cosy’ a poured industrial flooring could feel in a comfortable family home. However, with a team of commercial and residential flooring contractors and specialists in domestic resin flooring, we work carefully and closely with each client to ensure all elements and hues of their home are tied together effortlessly for a home that feels comfortable and welcoming.

How To Style Your Home With Epoxy Resin Flooring
Warm & Inviting
For a warm and inviting home, using epoxy resin flooring of a warm pale hue can create an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. Combined with soft lighting, rich fabrics and warm woods, you can create a cosy atmosphere that makes your resin floor covering appear warm and soft.

Calm & Elegant
For a cooler and more elegant finish, a lighter shade of resin flooring such as Sandstone can make your home appear sophisticated and lighter. Combine your resin floor covering with colourful artwork, plants, or deep coloured furniture to add a rich depth to your home on top of the soft resin palette.

Fresh & Minimalist
For those looking for a minimalist aesthetic, epoxy resin flooring can be an inspiring choice for your home. Choose a grey or white flooring for a clean and stark finish that compliments a modern home’s clean lines and minimalist furnishings perfectly. Choose an item of furniture or a rug as a textured or patterned point of interest to make your space more welcoming, framed by fresh, minimalist resin floor that shines.

Dramatic & Coloured
The most exciting part of the design phase when choosing your epoxy resin flooring is the endless possibilities of colours, patterns and colour combinations available to you. Our team of resin flooring specialists will be able to explain all of the options available and can work with you to design a colour blend that will fit perfectly within your home. Choose from blends of greys and whites or splashes of vibrant colour to a multi-hued palette that creates a focal point of your home.

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