If you are looking for a fashionable yet practical flooring with a contemporary industrial feel, resin flooring could be the perfect flooring for you. Resin flooring consists of a formulated synthetic resin and a separate hardener. However, for increased performance and to increase the thickness of the flooring the range of ingredients grows to include aggregates, pigments, decorative chips / flakes and in some cases cement powder. The thicker type resin floor types are almost always harder than concrete making them an extremely practical solution for your industrial premises but aesthetically pleasing to make your open spaces look fashionable and on trend. In this blog we will run through the main benefits of installing a resin flooring and the best places to install it. MINIMALIST INTERIORS Poured resin flooring is sleek and sophisticated making it ideal for minimalist interiors. When poured resin makes for a perfectly flat surface which can…


Resin “taking hold” as commercial and industrial flooring of choice

With health and safety standards changing regularly, as well as new environmental regulations coming into force, the need to fall in line with these policies will doubtlessly see the resin flooring market increase. The 2017-2024 industrial floor coatings market research by Global Market Insights, Inc. says epoxy is the fastest growing segment forecast to rise at over 6.5% up to 2024. It has a number of desirable applications and benefits to a wide variety of sectors – durable, non-slip, easy-to-clean, smooth and easily repaired – making it the ideal floor covering for areas of heavy-industry and high footfall which require regular, chemically-aggressive cleaning. It provides a seamless, alternative to vinyl, carpet or timber, and is proven to extend the life of buildings in the industrial sector. Resin solutions offer a quick and easy application to most common substrates from concrete to brickwork and render just as easily over ceramic tiles…


Easy Ways To Maintain Your Epoxy Resin Flooring

Any epoxy resin flooring, installed by resin flooring specialists, can provide home owners and commercial or industrial property owners with a wide range of benefits both practically and aesthetically. Appreciated for its longevity and durability, a resin floor makes the perfect solution for industrial flooring or commercial floor painting, keeping the cost of flooring low and the benefits high. Like all property fixtures and fittings, getting the most out of your commercially fitted resin flooring depends on the maintenance you provide it. Chosen by property owners for its convenience, upkeep of an epoxy resin flooring is minimal, however there are still a few ways in which you can make sure you are maintaining your resin flooring to a great condition. Dust Mopping For a non-porous flooring, a simple dust mop is a fantastic way of keeping your epoxy resin flooring clean. Often only required once a week for usual use,…


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