Easy Ways To Maintain Your Epoxy Resin Flooring

Any epoxy resin flooring, installed by resin flooring specialists, can provide home owners and commercial or industrial property owners with a wide range of benefits both practically and aesthetically. Appreciated for its longevity and durability, a resin floor makes the perfect solution for industrial flooring or commercial floor painting, keeping the cost of flooring low and the benefits high. Like all property fixtures and fittings, getting the most out of your commercially fitted resin flooring depends on the maintenance you provide it. Chosen by property owners for its convenience, upkeep of an epoxy resin flooring is minimal, however there are still a few ways in which you can make sure you are maintaining your resin flooring to a great condition. Dust Mopping For a non-porous flooring, a simple dust mop is a fantastic way of keeping your epoxy resin flooring clean. Often only required once a week for usual use,…


PSF Services

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Decorating Home Spaces With Resin Floor

When decorating home spaces and choosing flooring, most homeowners do not consider or even know about resin flooring or it’s many benefits. For those that are aware of epoxy resin, what is usually considered a commercial floor covering may seem unsuitable for the home. At PSF Services we are firm believers that epoxy resin flooring is perfectly suited to private residential homes and to rooms of all shapes and sizes, with a range of versatile finishes to suit everyone’s needs. Comfortable under foot, one of the many benefits of resin flooring is that it provides a glossy finish without the harsh coldness of tiles, making it the perfect solution to a modern bathroom or kitchen flooring. Creating a seamless finish, epoxy resin flooring also provides a modern aesthetic that exceeds that of its tile counterpart, for smooth transitions between living spaces that are easy to clean and maintain. One of…


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