Decorating Home Spaces With Resin Floor

When decorating home spaces and choosing flooring, most homeowners do not consider or even know about resin flooring or it’s many benefits. For those that are aware of epoxy resin, what is usually considered a commercial floor covering may seem unsuitable for the home. At PSF Services we are firm believers that epoxy resin flooring is perfectly suited to private residential homes and to rooms of all shapes and sizes, with a range of versatile finishes to suit everyone’s needs. Comfortable under foot, one of the many benefits of resin flooring is that it provides a glossy finish without the harsh coldness of tiles, making it the perfect solution to a modern bathroom or kitchen flooring. Creating a seamless finish, epoxy resin flooring also provides a modern aesthetic that exceeds that of its tile counterpart, for smooth transitions between living spaces that are easy to clean and maintain. One of…


3 Great Uses For Epoxy Resin Flooring

Some establishments, dependent upon their use, can hugely benefit from an epoxy resin flooring to help protect your flooring against corrosion and chemical damage. Kitchens, restaurants and healthcare facilities, for example, all require much higher levels of sanitation, for which epoxy resin flooring can be a great commercial flooring solution as well as cost-effective. Food Handling and Food Preparation Areas Epoxy floor resin is not only durable, it is also resistant to bacteria and moisture, making it a popular choice for commercial flooring or industrial flooring for restaurants, hospital kitchens, food preparation facilities and more. Most health departments require a commercial grade of epoxy floor coating in food preparation areas to ensure facilities remain sanatory. Foods react differently when handled incorrectly, which an epoxy resin flooring can provide protection against. Products such as meat, that contains blood, can cause hazardous bacteria which remains trapped in a porous floor, spreading foodborne…


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