3 Great Uses For Epoxy Resin Flooring

Some establishments, dependent upon their use, can hugely benefit from an epoxy resin flooring to help protect your flooring against corrosion and chemical damage. Kitchens, restaurants and healthcare facilities, for example, all require much higher levels of sanitation, for which epoxy resin flooring can be a great commercial flooring solution as well as cost-effective.Food Handling and Food Preparation Areas Epoxy floor resin is not only durable, it is also resistant to bacteria and moisture, making it a popular choice for commercial flooring or industrial flooring for restaurants, hospital kitchens, food preparation facilities and more. Most health departments require a commercial grade of epoxy floor coating in food preparation areas to ensure facilities remain sanatory.Foods react differently when handled incorrectly, which an epoxy resin flooring can provide protection against. Products such as meat, that contains blood, can cause hazardous bacteria which remains trapped in a porous floor, spreading foodborne illness and pathogens. Other foods that contain alkalis or acids can destroy common types of flooring, however epoxy can safeguard your floor against harsh chemicals and acidic spills.Laboratory Floors All laboratories will have regulatory standards set for the types of flooring which can be used. One of the most common types of flooring found in a laboratory, both wet and dry labs, is epoxy resin flooring.Slip-resistant and chemically impermeable, an epoxy resin flooring ensures your industrial flooring is easy to clean and remains undamaged by any chemical spills, shielding your flooring against oil as well as wear and tear, abrasion and high temperatures.Hospital Wards and Operating Rooms Surgical rooms in hospitals, dentists or doctors must all meet hygienic standards as with food preparation rooms and laboratories. An operating room carries a high risk of surgical site infections, so keeping risks to patients low involves managing any bacterial contamination on the hospital floor.Able to withstand exposure to heavy chemicals and detergents, epoxy resin flooring is easy to disinfect and clean, helping to reduce the risk of infectious bacteria. Able to include intricate drainage systems, our epoxy resin flooring specialists will ensure that your epoxy resin floor is designed to maintain the drainage of bodily fluid spills, blood and water.To Conclude… As epoxy resin specialists, we can ensure that the correct resin flooring is chosen for your contract flooring solution and is applied by resin flooring specialists to guarantee your establishment is in line with all health and safety regulations.

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